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AFYATELE is a unique corporate (group) medical insurance cover with an inbuilt funeral benefit.  This policy can be taken as an Organization or as registered groups with minimum a principle of 10 members. It is however restricted to only one spouse per policy. Member can include as many own children as they are in the family.

The Benefits Include:


a) Hospitalization bills paid directly to the hospital on the panel

b) The scope of cover extends to accommodation on general ward bed in the appointed hospital.

c) Includes Resident Doctors charges, Nursing Fee, Bed Charges pharmacy, laboratory and radiology charges.

d) Maternity and pregnancy related illnesses cover of up to Kshs 20,000 for either normal deliveries or caesarian section within inpatient limit (9 months waiting period)

e) Pre-existing and chronic conditions capped at 50%of limit.

f) Lodger charges payable for children under 5 years.


a) Consultation Fee- resident Doctor/ RCO

b) Laboratory Charges

c) Radiology charges except MRI

d) Pharmacy charges

e) Day case procedures.

f) Physiotherapy- Max 3 sessions

g) Dental/ Optical treatments within Limit.

Who is eligible for the cover?

The applicant and the spouse should be between 18 and 65 years at entry. 

Children between 30 days and 18 years automatically qualify for inclusion. Those above 18 years up to 24 years can be included only if they are students in school/college.

Waiting periods are as follows;

a) 1 month  for  all  illnesses  but  treatment as a result of  accidental causes  are  covered from commencement date.

b) 1 month waiting period on death as a result of natural causes. Death as a result of any accident is covered from commencement date

c) 9 months’ waiting period for maternity and pregnancy related treatments.

d) 1 year waiting period for surgical treatment unless surgery is as a result of an accident

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